Industrial Estates

Investors can setup company in any part of Indonesia. However, there are restrictions for some business sectors in certain regions. The Government has mandated (in PP No.24/2009 and UU No.3/2014) that manufacturing companies are located in industrial estates and that tenants’basic needs must be met, for example water and electricity.

Today, the Indonesian Industrial Estates Association (Himpunan Kawasan Industri Indonesia or HKI) has 69 company members, in 13 provinces, covering total gross area of about 45,600 hectares. There are more than 9,000 manufacturing companies operating and employing some 4 million people in the industrial estates. These figures do not include industrial estates non HKI members.

Main attractions of industrial estates are that the development is comprehensively planned to assure a strategic location, accessibility, building ratio, infrastructure and supporting services, secured land titles, and continuous maintenance and operation management.

15 new industrial estates will be developed until 2019. 13 industrial estates outside Java Island will be allocated for natural resources processing industry. While the other 2 in Java Island will be allocated for labor-intensive, high-technology and consumer goods industry.