Export Orientation

The government made positions for textile and textile product industry as a strategic industry related with two major roles: First as labor intensive industry with employs 2,8 million labor and second as export oriented industry with an average 12 million USD per year. Most of potential textile industry locations are West Java, Central Java, Jakarta, and East Java.

If we see to Indonesia textile industry structures, there’s lack of integration between up-stream industry, mid-stream, and down-stream industry. Indonesia still depends on import textile raw materials, especially on fiber rayon, cotton, and textile machines. Therefore, now we will focus on 5 textile industries includes fiber making industry, non-woven textile, dying/finishing industry, garment, textile machinery.

Now the government still focus on revitalization program for textile machineries in Indonesia because 80% of textile and product machineries are matured and more than 20 years old. The maturity of textile machinery will bring the impact of high energy consumption and low productivity.